Campus Preview Weekend – Part 1

MIT’s welcome weekend is insane. With¬†666 events spread out over three and a half days, there’s no way you can get to even a quarter of them. Because my phone had a serious battery issue, I wasn’t able to get everything on camera, but I have enough to give you a glimpse of what it was like.


dan and joon
Me and fellow EA admit Daniel Gonzalez meeting up just after orientation
room 2
The frat I stayed in for CPW (Theta Xi) was pretty nice, and my host (Josh) was extra nice. ūüėÄ The only downside was that it was across the river, which made getting to campus a pain.


kresge cooking
It was pouring on the first day. Didn’t stop some people from grilling¬†burgers, though.


stata steps
MIT’s iconic Stata building.
Me and Daniel used the tunnels a lot on the first day to get around.
next lounge
Next house event.
next ln 2
Next house making LN2 ice cream!
ball pit simmons
I think our Caltech refugees + Daniel group went to the Simmons ball pit, like, five times during CPW.
ball pit
In the pit from left to right: me, Craig, Sarah, Mayukha, and Cayla. ‚̧
opening 1
The opening ceremony was packed and featured a lot of cool things, like Ceri ’16, Stu, and the Logarhythms (one of MIT’s acapella groups).
movie mccormick
McCormick Hall had a Harry Potter movie night with butterbeer!
physics until we die
This was one of the room schedules at Firehose, ESG’s event. Of course.
w20 green
Campus is pretty. ‚̧

boston 1

boston 2
Boston is pretty. ‚̧

(edit: here’s a really good video by Daniel that captured the event nicely. ^_^)