Campus Preview Weekend – Part 1

MIT’s welcome weekend is insane. With 666 events spread out over three and a half days, there’s no way you can get to even a quarter of them. Because my phone had a serious battery issue, I wasn’t able to get everything on camera, but I have enough to give you a glimpse of what it was like.


dan and joon
Me and fellow EA admit Daniel Gonzalez meeting up just after orientation
room 2
The frat I stayed in for CPW (Theta Xi) was pretty nice, and my host (Josh) was extra nice. 😀 The only downside was that it was across the river, which made getting to campus a pain.


kresge cooking
It was pouring on the first day. Didn’t stop some people from grilling burgers, though.


stata steps
MIT’s iconic Stata building.
Me and Daniel used the tunnels a lot on the first day to get around.
next lounge
Next house event.
next ln 2
Next house making LN2 ice cream!
ball pit simmons
I think our Caltech refugees + Daniel group went to the Simmons ball pit, like, five times during CPW.
ball pit
In the pit from left to right: me, Craig, Sarah, Mayukha, and Cayla. ❤
opening 1
The opening ceremony was packed and featured a lot of cool things, like Ceri ’16, Stu, and the Logarhythms (one of MIT’s acapella groups).
movie mccormick
McCormick Hall had a Harry Potter movie night with butterbeer!
physics until we die
This was one of the room schedules at Firehose, ESG’s event. Of course.
w20 green
Campus is pretty. ❤

boston 1

boston 2
Boston is pretty. ❤

(edit: here’s a really good video by Daniel that captured the event nicely. ^_^)




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