Hello referentially nonexistent audience/readership. Haven’t blogged in a while.

The reason for this has been a number of things; firstly, and perhaps most importantly, I’d been slacking a little bit. If I put in a bit more effort I would certainly have been inspired to write more.

But life took me on a couple twists and turns.

While redacting some personal events, I’ll update you with some of the tangibles first: I comMITed and am now MIT ’20! I’m not very sure on what I’ll major in. Freshmen can’t even declare a major until the end of their freshman year anyways. I’m thinking of three possible choices: 6-2, 2-A with 6, or 18C. All three curriculums have a comp sci component while also focusing on another concentration (electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and math respectively). If I do 6-2 or 2-A with 6, I might see if I can minor or concentrate in math depending on how the course loads are.

Then I graduated high school, did prom, and all that. These events were significant but a lot less significant than I perceived at the time. The ‘magic’ of graduating or going to prom really wasn’t there for a number of reasons. But it was certainly something. A bunch of speeches, sweltering hot weather, fidgeting with my mortarboard, then walking up and receiving my diploma and that was that. I graduated. Weird.

I’m working in New York City for the summer sitting behind a receptionist’s desk at one of my extended family members’ dental practice. I’m not the only one behind the desk; I’m just helping the main receptionist, which is good, because there are still so many things that I don’t know and never will know. But I’ve been doing some cute projects on my own. I learned some javascript on the fly (which is different from Java, the language I know best, but not that hard to understand if you know programming fundamentals) and made some Google Scripts. After about a week of programming and a lot of data transferring I made a script that automatically reminds patients when they’re due for a cleaning. The pay is okay, and more than enough for a summer job fortunately.

The grind is real, and it’s very much like school again where I’m finding not that much free time on the weekdays. I leave to take the train into the city at 8 AM and come back home at 7:30 PM. I want to refresh my memory of 18.02 so I can possibly ASE out of it, I want to get my real estate salesperson license just because, I want to make more Youtube videos. But when I get home on the weekdays I eat dinner and feel tired and browse Reddit for a while and an hour goes by and my bed already beckons to me. I await Fridays in eager anticipation.

And then on the weekends I have a little more free time but still not that much because I’ve just been going to friends’ grad parties which are almost all day affairs. I’ve gotten really good at Kan Jam to say the least.

My last day of work will be on the first week of August. Then my parents and I are going to fly out to Nevada and meet up with my mother’s friend and her two sons who just immigrated to Canada from Korea. We’re going on a weeklong road trip, which sounds pretty awesome and I’m really excited about it. (I might open up Pokemon Go again and try and catch some of those pesky Ground types too.) I also want to get into photography, so I’m looking at cameras. My girlfriend exposed me to the DigitalRev Youtube channel and jesus christ I love Kai’s voice I could listen to it all day. I’m probably going to get a Canon 750D or a 760D.

And then… that’s it. I’ll buy my things, pack my bags, and head off. Who knows what’s going to happen then? I’m in that weird transitional state between two major time periods in my life.

I just know that I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.